The All New CENTEC

 Engineered by Prime, the Quest Centec has superior technology at an affordable price. Equipped with Centergy Technology the Centec’s Center grip riser gives you the advantage to get on target quicker and stay on target longer. The Centec also offers a very similar draw cycle to Prime because it is using the same cam system without the split string tracks.

Axle to Axle • 32″
Brace Height • 6.75″
Draw Length • 25.5″-31″ (1/2 inch increments)
Draw Weight • 40-55 and 55-70 lbs.
IBO Speed • 325 fps.
Mass Weight • 4.4 lbs. (out of the box)


Introducing the Quest Centec NXT. A real bow for future hunters. The Centec NXT is a high quality hunting bow that offers an extremely lightweight design with all the amenities of a real hunting bow. Real Aluminum, Centergy Technology, and an easy to adjust cam system makes the Centec NXT the perfect bow for future bowhunters.

Axle to Axle • 26″
Brace Height • 6″
Draw Length • 19″-26″ (1/2 inch increments)
Draw Weight • 15-45 lbs.
IBO Speed • 270 fps. (@26″ and 45 lbs.)
Mass Weight • 2.8 lbs. (out of the box)


The Quest Thrive as all the quality of a top line bow but without the hefty price tag. The Thrive sports an 82X aluminum riser, Flexis cable guard system, and all the speed and comfort of a high end bow.

Axle to Axle • 33.75″
Brace Height • 7″
Draw Length • 26″-31″ (1/2 inch increments)
Draw Weight • 50, 60, 70 lbs.
IBO Speed • 328 fps.
Mass Weight • 4.3 lbs. (out of the box)